OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Radar for snacks powers up in the Shah household whenever Nishita Shah starts making an Indian snack called Samosas.

“The outer texture is made of wheat flour,” she tells us. “The inside mixture is made of boiled potatoes and sweet green peas.”

She mixes the main ingredients with a whole drawer full of spices including cumin, green chili paste, ginger, and cilantro.

Fry them until the flower dough on the outside is a nice brown.

The wait for the family (and a visitor) to find their way to the kitchen.

“Is this a go-to snack in your house,” asks a hungry visitor?

Nishita smiles, “Yes. Many times. We make this most of the time. My kids love it.”

On this particular Saturday, Nishita fried up quite a few extra samosas, about 100 of them, for the whole city to sample.

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Welcome to the Taste of Asia, a one-night-only occasion in Oklahoma City where ten different Asian countries bring a menu of dishes from each place to one, big room.

“You’re getting a world tour in one room aren’t you,” queries a visitor at the Taste of Asia event.

“Yes,” replies organizer Anil Singh. “Ten countries in one room!”

The supper-time line at the Mayfair Church of Christ started early.

People who’d been here before knew the food would go fast.

There are never any leftovers.

“Until it runs out, you can eat,” smiles Singh.

Some picky eaters out there might like the idea of foods on their plates touching something else.

But you won’t find them here.

Ten countries in one room, in one city, on one plate should touch.

That’s one way cultures meet and get to know the best of each other.

When you’re hungry, they never disappoint.

The annual Taste of Asia event raises college scholarship money for the Asia Society of Oklahoma.

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