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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — Think Adventure District when you wander around this big house.

That’s why you’ll see the animal sculptures and the golf clubs.

One of 30 designers here, J. Mark Taylor, go the memo when he re-did the bar and rec room upstairs.

Taylor says, “Someone could set this up as a theater room but we decided to do something a little bit more relaxing.”

Show House tour guide Joan Bryant says there’s lots more.

“As you tour the house you have to look in every room,” she says. “There are elements that you can relate to the zoo.”

Stuff on the shelf is one thing but people are used to things on a grand scale when it comes to the annual OKC Symphony Show House.

This one was built it 2007, then remodeled.

The see through fire-place is a new addition to the great room.

What you have in this residence is kind of two houses in one: big master bedroom, dining area, den, cool patio upstairs.

But the previous owner wanted an indoor pool so he basically just built another house on top of it.

“He put in an indoor pool with a full kitchen,” says Bryant.

So you’ve got another kitchen and breakfast bar, another couple of seating areas, another master bedroom with a really cool light hanging over the bed.

Upstairs, designers put in a nice kid’s room.

I like the ten and the window nook.

Across the hall designers had some fun with the wall paper in the craft room.

But as you look at all the cool stuff, and perhaps contemplate living here (the house is for sale), listen carefully and you might also pick up on the reason this house is open to the public in the first place.

The Oklahoma City Orchestra League decks out a new place every year to raise money for music programs around the Metro.

As Executive Director Lisa Reed puts it, visual beauty for the listening kind.

“Music connects us across the generations and it bridges the gaps that exist between us,” she states. “And beauty does the same thing in many cases.”

People who visit for the next month will mostly wish, but this guilty pleasure in the Adventure District does have its own rewards too.

The 2017 Symphony Show House opens May 6th through the 21st.

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