30 years, 30 Great State stories: Oklahoma’s full auto shoot

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WYANDOTTE, Okla. (KFOR) — Most people think fully automatic weapons are illegal, that you can go to jail for owning or firing one.

But folks here know better.

Every year, they flock to northeast Oklahoma for a chance to shoot with a variety of these types of firearms.

Mike Friend began this event years ago for his customers who wanted a bigger experience than they could get at his indoor range.

At this remote spot, just a rifle shot from the Missouri state line, participants can really let-er-rip.

“They come out here to see the real thing work,” says Friend.

“Once you do it, you’re hooked,” says one of the people who pay to shoot.

Another participant, Paul Ware brings his son every year.

There are grandfathers who bring their grandsons, husbands and wives, even people from other countries.

“This is the first time I’ve ever done this,” says one foreign tourist. “This is the first time I even knew this existed.”

They all come to satisfy their curiosity, and to watch stuff blow up.

Another machine gun fan says, “If you enjoy the noise, and the smoke, and the smell, you can get it all right here.”

Ben LaPrairie spent a year with the Marines in Iraq and still couldn’t get enough.

“Oh yeah,” he told us. “I’m having a blast.”

Collector Glen Moore paid handsomely for his WWII era Browning .50 caliber machine gun, but he’s happy too.

“It’s a rush,” he shouts over the sound of gunfire. “A big rush!”

They are gun owners and gun renters shooting at items like washing machines and even exploding cars scattered across a hillside.

In a remote spot in northeast Oklahoma a hail of lead rains down.

Over a long weekend, the people who come here call that a ‘hail’ of a good time.

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