30 years, 30 Great State stories: Six generations of girls alive and well in this Oklahoma family

Great State

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR)– It’s not something we see very often.

It’s rare for someone like Hallie Winkler, first of all, to live 100 years.

“She says Geritol has kept her going all these years,” laughs Hallie’s daughter, Betty Tyner “She took it for 65 years.”

Hallie is lucky in another respect.

Her first born daughter, Betty, is still active, as is her first born daughter, Norma West, her first born daughter, Sherril Shaw, her first born girl, Cassanda Cannady, and, finally, her first born daughter, 2 year-old McCala.

That’s six generations and a lot of history in one room.

“I was at church this morning,” explains Hallie. “I told them what I was going to do and they said be sure to take pictures. They thought that was the grandest thing that I was alive to see six generations.”

Hallie was born in a dugout to a father who made the Run of ’89.

He grew up near the town of Yale and told the family about Native Americans coming to the door on horseback.

Hallie says her mother figured out, “What they always wanted was something to eat.”

Hallie married at 17 and had children pretty fast.

Her children had children early too, and so on, so it all worked out.

“People are amazed when I tell them how old I am and that my mother and grandmother are both still living,” says West. “That’s pretty special.”

Sherril says, “I can sit and listen to my grandmother talk for hours and hours because she’s got wonderful stories to tell.”

Family history is still told almost entirely firsthand.

Six generations of strong Oklahoma women have a lot to be proud of.

“You’re a pretty neat lady, Grandma.”

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