30 Years of ‘Great State’ Fairs: So what’s Galen Culver’s favorite thing to do?

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- I will readily admit there are people who've been to the Great State Fair of Oklahoma more years than myself, and more times.

But I'll compare my search for things to do at the fair with anyone.

The number of conversations, the depths explored, the heights reached.

Space Needle, yes. 80 foot diving tower-again yes.

How about calories consumed? Oh yeah. Number of people eating, that too.

Cooking contests, yes.

It's been 20 years since we put up a sign and just waited for folks who wanted to be on TV.

We counted their 15 seconds of fame or less.

We made another sign when tattoos first became a legal enterprise in 2006.

We asked fair goers to explain theirs.

We talked to a lot of carnies and pitchmen and covered Made In Oklahoma products.

Yes to fair voices and fair sounds, workers, and performers.

So back in 1995, I settled myself on a bench and figured out what my favorite activity at the fair really was, watching people, an endless parade worth the price of admission and then some.

It's funnest when you do this with someone who's on your wavelength, a best friend maybe, or a best everything.

This year was no different.

Meeting the folks who watch us, and getting to watch them back.

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