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CASHION, OKLAHOMA -- The rhythms of Friday nights in Fall, from the heat of Summer to the first cool evenings, they start slow and build.

If there's anyone in Cashion for this high school football game it would have to be Roger Perrin. He's part of the visiting team, the Class A Warriors have traveled to play the Wildcats. Roger rode the team bus. "The thing is, I don't drive," says Perrin, who has a slight developmental disability.

But despite his limitations, Roger is all warrior, from his red shoes to his newly dyed red mohawk. "I had a real good friend," he says. "I took off my hat and asked him how he liked it. He told me to put my hat back on."

Roger remembers his first Maysville football game It was in the early 70's. His actual streak began in 1977. Since then he hasn't missed a single game.

He watched Rod Townley play in the 80's. He watched Mike Devinney play in the early 90's. Mike says, "We struggled. We never really had a lot of size but we'd get out there and hit and have some fun."

On this night, Perrin watched his 349th consecutive game, home and away, every one. Roger says, "I know of three young men on this football team that, back in the day, I got to watch their dads play."

Cashion has a Top 10 team this year with a good quarterback and a lot of seniors. Maysville doesn't. The people who sit in the visiting team bleachers are mainly parents, close relatives, and fellow students. The loudest of them is Roger Perrin. "Right now, I guess you could call me Maysville's number one fan," he says. "I don't want to say I'm the mascot or anything."

Sometime during the first quarter the Warriors show a little life. They run a kick-off back for a touchdown. There is suddenly flickering hope in the face of certain defeat.

It might be hard to spot on a team that has yet to win a game in 2012, but if you're looking for a warrior's heard you'll find it beating in the chest of the man they call The Big Redder.

On Friday, October 12, Roger was due to attend his 350th consecutive Maysville football game. It's a home affair. The whole town was planning to recognize his efforts at halftime.

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