EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Don Self does this any time something important happens.

He scribbles himself a little note at least twice a week.

It might be a poem or a quick reminder of what happened that day.

Don used to write poetry for his mom as a kid.

He started keeping these pages after his wife’s funeral.

“Daughters and stepdaughters were after me to write something every week,” he recalls.

A note here and there, a memory, or couplet, they add up over time which is what makes Don Self’s selfless life a unique story.

“I just wrote two pages a week but they count up,” he smiles.

He grew up during the Depression, then joined the Marines as a Junior in high school.

The war was over by the time he got through basic training, but Don made the use of that service to pave the way to another.

“I got out of WWII and joined the GI Bill,” he recalls.

Self knew early on that he wanted to be a pharmacist.

Starting in the early 1950s, that’s what he did, filling prescriptions, translating doctors’ scrip instead of writing his own.

His Bethany Discount Drugs next to the old TG and Y store was practically a Route 66 landmark.

“It was like a small town pharmacy,” he says, “the same customers over the years.”

Self closed that place but didn’t quit.

He continued working at a pharmacy in Guthrie way past his 90th birthday.

“I tried to retire on my 90th birthday,” he chuckles, “but they said, ‘Don. we really need you’.”

A day here, a weekend there; one note, then another.

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On a recent fall day at an assisted living facility in Edmond, a lot of people lined up and took the time to notice his length of service.

The Oklahoma Board of Pharmacy gave him an honorary doctorate.

The Oklahoma Assisted Living Association and Cynergy Home Care presented him certificates to recognize 67 years as a working pharmacist, certainly a record in Oklahoma.

“It’s a great profession,” Self states.

From standing at attention to standing behind the pharmacy counter and paying attention, very few people ever did that longer which is worth noting on more than just his own stationary.

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