OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The parking lot at Oklahoma City Community College is almost empty on the mornings Jaylynn Jarrell shows up for work as a physics and math tutor.

“I’m here four days a week,” she says.

It’s cold outside and dark.

The hallways are always empty too.

A lucky break is finding the coffee counter in the commons open, but the rest is indicative of the years long struggle for anyone trying to work their way through school.

Jarrell works two jobs and commutes from Shawnee to get to class.

“I work here and I also sell insurance so I can afford to eat,” she chuckles, “and afford tuition.”

Her goal is firm, get a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

“I’m very set to get a degree,” she states.

Jaylynn liked where she was, enjoyed her classes and earned good marks.

Then she saw a shortcut, a commercial for Dr. Pepper’s Tuition Giveaway contest.

“I saw it and the next day I was like, ‘I’m going to do that’.”

She made a video as part of her submission and posted it to TikTok.

Each process along the way involved a type of calculation.

Three weeks later, that video got to a ticket to the Big-10 Championship game.

The object of a half-time contest was to throw enough footballs into a big plastic barrel and she could win a $100,000 scholarship.

Lucky for her, she’d been practicing on a barrel with those exact dimensions long before that information was given out.

“I was looking at people online standing next to the target can,” she explains, “and I found out how tall they were and used a ruler on my computer screen to measure them and measure the can. Then I did some simple calculations to see how tall the center of the can was.”

She didn’t realize she’d won at first, but was ecstatic once it sunk in.

“It blew my mind.”

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Her calculations in class and in life are not complete.

Jaylynn is headed to Oklahoma State University for the spring semester, but the financial numbers make a lot more sense now.

“It means everything,” she smiles.

Thanks to a little know how and determination, she has a check still in hand that changed her life.

Find more information on the Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway online.

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