MEDICINE PARK, Okla. (KFOR) – Heading out on a photograph safari for Haddix New usually takes her just outside the back door of her house above town.

“It’s pretty nice out here,” she remarks.

She makes a short walk a couple of times a week, usually in the evening as the sun sets over Lake Lawtonka and Mount Scott to the west.

“Is it always nice out here in the evenings,” asks a visitor?

“Yes,” she replies, “but when it’s like summer it’s really hot.”

Haddix is just short of 7 years old, a 1st Grader now.

The day’s spelling homework is forgotten for a moment on the kitchen table while she explains the perfect shot to another photographer who wants to know her secrets.

“What do you try to get into a picture,” he asks?

She answers, “I really try to get in a lot of color and some plants or cactuses. It’s just makes the picture pop a little.”

She’s been taking pictures since before she could read.

Haddix found an old camera in her parents’ closet.

Brandon and Stephanie New explained a few concepts like keeping the camera still.

They, they let her go.

Haddix’s mom, Stephanie tells us, “The crazy thing is, when she first started taking pictures, I would see her and think, ‘oh. there’s going to be a chair in the shot’ or she’s bent down and there’s going to be all these weeds in the front of her shot. I thought, ‘what is she doing’ you know? And then I would look at the finished photo and think, ‘wow. that looked really good’.”

Her Pre-K had an art show a few years back.

The family had a couple of prints enlarged.

Teachers and administrators encouraged her to produce more and that’s how ‘Haddie’s Rockin’ Sunsets’ got going.

“She likes colors,” says Dad Brandon. “Anything with lots of color, she’s taking a picture of it.”

The Medicine Park Town Hall bought one to put on display.

A bar just down the street started showing and selling her photos.

“Do you think of yourself as an artist,” asks her visitor?

“Yes,” she nods.

Always into something, and always into art.

Her drawings grace the walls from infancy.

Haddie’s new favorite painting is her attempts at capturing the Northern Lights without ever having seen them.

But her best work is still right out the back door, when the sun goes down throwing wild colors across the sky.

On those evenings, Haddix puts everything down in preparation for that moment when her perch on the world glows brightest, and the beauty of it breaks through her lens to produce magic for all to see.

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Haddix sells her prints on metal and giclee canvas.

Brandon and Stephanie opened a savings account and have placed all her earnings in it.

At last count the total surpassee $3,000.00.

To see more of her photos or learn more about her work go to her website or Facebook page.

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