A boy, his bear, and a peaceful wood: We found them in Pott. County all grown up.

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TECUMSEH, OKLAHOMA -- Walking his property on an early August morning, Stanton Pace claims he can feel the peace emanate from this little corner of heaven.

"We all have gifts that come into our lives and gifts that come through us," he says. "So we can step outside ourselves and to see ourselves."

Of course there are chores to do, especially when you have animals.

The horses get a few cubes of alfalfa, his bison too.

But this morning is a little more special because of another animal that lives on Stanton's place.

Bowser, his six-year-old black bear has a brand new enclosure, something new and unfamiliar to explore.

Pace says, "He really seems to like walking around and talking to the horses."

"Will he eventually like all this extra space," asks a visitor?

"One hundred percent," replies Stanton, "Probably within two or three days."

The last time we paid a visit Stanton Pace was doing a lot of wood carving with his live model.

Bowser lived next to where he worked which was fine, but Stanton though his big friend could use more space.

Besides, people seemed to kind of like this large creature.

Maybe it was the novelty of it or something else, but Pace felt it too.

"We like to hold hands and take sunset walks," he crooned.

"I truly and gladly and gratefully feel an obligation to share him," he continues.

Over the past few years Pace and Bowser have quietly built up a kind of retreat for lost people.

Stanton counts himself among that number as well.

He thought they needed a retreat to meditate, to get away from their problems.

After all, it's not the first time somebody ever thought of a place in the woods with a friendly bear as a place that might sound appealing.

Pace says, "As we speak and you mention that I'm recalling the great feelings that go with Winnie the Pooh."

This version of the 'Hundred Acre Wood' is big enough to share just like the book.

Stanton Pace, and Bowser too, it would appear, like it that way.

Bowser's first full day in his new enclosure was Monday, August 6, 2018.

If you'd like to know more about Bowser's Peace Sanctuary go to www.bowserspeacesanctuary.com

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