ARCADIA, Okla. (KFOR) — Of all the stuff inside John Hargrove’s crowded shop on Route 66, in this new year, there is only one project that matters.

“I tell you what,” he mutters, “It’s embarrassing to be this slow.”

Believe it or not, he cleared the decks a full year ago to start work on what will be a brand-new car when he’s done, a
1932 Model B Roadster complete with new frame, corvette engine, and new body.

“Every part on it would fit an original 1932 Ford,” he states.

The only original parts are a radiator he found at a salvage sale.

John continues, “This is my dream car.”

This isn’t the first project of John’s we’ve followed.

He showed us his garage house close to 20 years ago.

Hargrove had planned to build an actual house but stopped when he completed space for two cars.

He even took us running for a marathon story.

To date, this project is his most expensive, but, he insists, truly worthy of a spot on his bucket or resolutions lists.

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“It doesn’t matter,” he laughs. “I’m 78. If I’m going to do this right now is the time and that’s what I’m doing. I don’t care if I ever get a penny back out of it.”

There are lots of distractions inside his workshop.

His museum and lot remain a popular stop between Chicago and L.A. on the Mother Road.

But it’s not like he’s starting from scratch either.

He boasts 78 years of know how, and still enough ‘git there’ to get there in 2023.

“I’ll be driving it this summer for sure,” he tells us.

For more information on Hargrove’s place just east of Arcadia click here.

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