OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Trees and ornaments, Santa hats and articulated reindeer skeletons, Ashley Meerscheart has a lot of fun at Skulls Unlimited helping set up for the Christmas season.

“All of these are real skulls,” she points out while opening a glass case.

When you’re the world’s leading supplier of osteological specimens, basically the business of bones, holiday marketing strategies are always an interesting topic.

“You probably get a particular kind of shopper,” remarks a visitor to the Skulls Unlimited gift shop.

“The most interesting people,” laughs Ashley.

Marketing expert Tom Searls looks forward to every meeting to sell a product like no other.

“You never know what we’re going to be talking about,” he says.

Extra specimens are an easy pick for the annual Osteolidays sales event.

“We accumulate a lot of inventory over the year,” Searls continues.

Skulls Unlimited offered ‘mystery bone’ boxes which sold out right away.

They gave out scratch and win cards too.

The mail room was extra busy as a result.

When the company started Osteolidays a few years ago they didn’t know how successful it might be.

This year might outperform last year’s record.

Tom confirms, “We’ve already surpassed that this year with a few days to go.”

All the success is extra antlers for company founder Jay Villamerette whose life’s work is on display in his Museum of Osteology.

The business provides specimens to scientists, universities, and even the occasional shopper looking for something really unique.

“Is this where you’re most comfortable,” asks his visitor?

“The museum is my passion,” Jay agrees. “It’s my love. It’s what I wake up in the morning striving to do.”

The Christmas spirit seeps everywhere this time of year, right down to our bones.

For more information on Skulls Unlimited and their sale, which is now extended to Friday, December 9, head to their website.