OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Robert Stonebreaker remembers being at the end of his rope.

“I was sleeping in my car. Then I lost my car,” he recalls.

He was coming off a drug addiction, a broken marriage, and a lost job.

Stonebreaker remembers, “I made the decision that I had to do something different.”

Walking through the doors of OKC’s City Rescue Mission was the first step in putting his life back together.

“My bottom was my wife saying, ‘you can’t see your son’.”

The process to get clean hadn’t been easy.

Stonebreaker, like so many other homeless people, had to labor under the daily tasks of using lockers to store his valuables.

He slept in a large dorm and spent hours in a day room with lots of time to figure out how he’d gotten this lost in the first place.

“I realized this was not who I ever wanted to be. This was not me.”

But he began to find answers here too.

He stayed sober, and he learned about a group of attorneys calling themselves Trinity Legal who, he found out, would meet with people who couldn’t possibly afford to pay.

Robert affirms, “I did not think it was possible.”

Edmond attorney Lloyd McAllister helped found this organization on simple, biblical principles.

“Our purpose is fulfilling our commitment to glorify God by serving our fellow man,” he says, “and figuring out how we’re supposed to do that.”

Robert was hoping to get some limited visitation with his son.

A volunteer lawyer helped him get it.

“I met (with them),” Robert recalls, “and they interviewed me, and said they were willing to help me out.”

Trinity Legal doesn’t have its own building or a large suite of offices.

The organization is made up chiefly of volunteers who donate their legal expertise to indigent clients.

They’ve been around for 15 years now helping people like Robert, and making a difference no legal document could possibly define.

“It meant everything,” says Stonebreaker. “It was the difference in the trajectory of my life.”

Stonebreaker is a decade past his crisis.

He did get visitation, supervised first, then more as he proved his sobriety.

He quit his old career as a diesel mechanic for something he knew would make more of a difference.

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We followed him as he bought lunch at the Rescue Mission’s new Rise Cafe as he proudly revealed that he’s a manager now with the Oklahoma Homeless Alliance and re-united with his family and children.

Robert beams, “We’ve been together 8 years.”

A walk through life takes one step at a time, he tells us, with some help to take some of the biggest steps of all.

Find more information on Trinity Legal Services via their website.

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