A love for dogs and baking produced a Norman business that’s a breed apart

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NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- The oven never gets cold in the Anderson home.

From Halloween right up to Christmas Kaitlin and her mom Kerri bake cookies for their very appreciative clientele.

Of their humble beginnings, Kaitlin recalls, "We started with two baking sheets. Now mom bakes more than 200 treats a day."

It's been a couple of years now since Kaitlin got a wild hair and talked her mom into baking cookies professionally.

"I graduated from college and decided I didn't want a normal job," says the younger Anderson.

Treat Dreams is the name of the business, Treat Dreams All Natural Gourmet Dog Bakery.

"We love dogs," says Kaitlin. "We love baking. So we thought, 'hey. If you can make a business out of doing both of these things let's try it."

Kerri Anderson recalls, "She said, 'I want to be my own boss' and I said, 'let's do this.' I said, 'go for it. Let's go.'"

The Anderson place has always been home to several dogs at the same time.

Kerri and Kaitlin still foster them from the Norman Animal Shelter, which brings us to Molly, the tamest of a pack of silent partners who quickly handle any breakage that might occur.

"The dogs take care of the sweeping," says Kerri, "And yeah. It's a mess."

Kaitlin and Kerri take the all natural in their name pretty seriously.

As she mixes, Kerri says, "I am making some ginger bread men that are made from peanut butter, garbonzo flour, honey and olive oil."

Humans can try them if they want to but these two bakers say they've never been tempted.

"I haven't been tempted to lick my fingers or try the frosting," smiles Kaitlin.

Treat Dreams was bumping along pretty well.

Then Southern Living Magazine put them in their Christmas issue and tails really started wagging.

The website takes orders.

Treat Dreams keeps pushing them out from the kitchen to the old breakfast nook.

"It's just grown exponentially," says Kaitlin, "beyond anything we ever believed."

A dream business and a dream job for all three than has their brand of Christmas busting out all over.

For more information on Treat Dreams their website is www.treatdreamsthedogbakery.com

You can also find them on facebook at Treat Dreams Gourmet Dog Bakery.

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