A mint on your pillow? No. This remote Panhandle guest house offers something much heartier

Great State

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HOOKER, Okla. (KFOR) – It was a doctor who built this house outside of town.

We’re talking about pre-Dust Bowl, more than a century ago.

“I love this house,” says current owner Mignon Lambley.

She and her family own it now, but the house still doesn’t carry her name, according to longtime residents, even with the sign out front.

To most of them, this is still the Hitchcock Place simply because they lived here the longest.

“The Hitchcocks were farmers,” Lambley explains. “They had dairy cattle and a lot of kids.”

Mignon always loved how this house looked, a classing prairie home with an inviting porch.

“It’s just got an old style, turn of the century, solid look to it.”

She and her husband, and 3 boys, lived here for nearly a decade before moving next door.

They could have knocked it down or left it to nature.

They renovated instead to give it a few more years, and to share it with others.

“We did everything but burn it down and build a new house on it,” she smiles.

Hooker, Oklahoma might not be a vacation destination, or even on the way to a vacation destination, but she put this old house on the AirBnB website to see what would happen.

“I thought I’d try it.”

Just enough people found it to make it all worthwhile.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised,” she continues. “It’s been pretty good.”

You won’t find a mint on your pillow at this ranch guest house.

This family provides a much heartier compliment for people who choose to stay.

Reaching in the freezer, Mignon explains, “If you stay you get a complimentary pound of fresh hamburger.”

It’s possible to drive around this part of the state and see how fast old houses deteriorate.

But not this one.

The old ‘Hitchcock Place’ is still standing strong, fortified with a new tradition, and some good, beef stock.


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