OKLAHOMA CITY, (KFOR) – These aren’t just hammers or nails, anvils or nippers to Samantha Liles Frank.

“These are actually horse shoes from across the globe,” she points out.

The horseshoe board, the old pictures, everything in the National Horse Shoeing Museum is part of her childhood too.

She point out, “We actually have more than 400 anvils.”

“I tend to remember the things I really liked to play with.”

Samantha’s father Lee Liles was an old farrier with a love for the history of his craft.

She recalls, “He was incredibly scrappy about it.”

He spent decades collecting everything he could including rare items like these framed boards from farrier pioneer William Russell.

“He produced 13 boards in his lifetime,” Samantha says. “Two of which we have here.”

We paid a visit to this museum when it was on display at the family ranch in Sulphur, Okla.

When Lee passed away quietly last year, Samantha and the rest of the family knew they wanted to keep the collection together.

“I feel very attached to him in this space,” she says quietly.

The question was where.

“When we were first thinking about where to move the museum,” she continues, “it was actually our reach goal to get it to Stockyard City.”

The answer lay inside this old truck repair shop.

The folks at National Saddlery next door were happy to help make it happen.

National Saddlery owner Jo Weims says, “It’s been quite an adventure, but we’re really pleased with the results.”

Samantha played among these artifacts as a kid and learned more than she expected moving things around.

“It is a horse shoeing museum,” she says, “but I think it also touches on a lot of things about Western culture.”

She can still hear his voice and feel his presence among the things he collected even now that they’ve moved to a new place.

Samantha Liles observes, “It’s still rustic but lovely, and that’s exactly what we envisioned.”


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The re-located National Museum of Horseshoeing Tools and Hall of Honor opens Saturday, October 19 at 2200 S.W. 13th Street.

For more information, go to www.HorseshoeingMuseum.com.

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