OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Longtime friends Eddie James and Tommy Woodard could actually count how many times they’ve walked into a movie theater in the 30 plus years since they became friends.

That’s because Eddie kept all the ticket stubs.

“We were 80’s kids,” says James. “We grew up sitting in movies and just laughing.”

“Our story is crazy,” chimes in Woodard.

Tommy and Eddie were two cut-ups from Edmond Memorial High School who started doing live sketches on stage for church youth groups.

“It was 1987,” Tommy recalls, “It would be silly talk to have told ourselves that, ‘one day we’re going to make a movie’.”

We caught up with them in 2007 when they started teaming up with another friend, Brian Cates, to shoot video shorts.

Eddie says, “It was right around the time churches started using screens.”

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Theirs is a ministry built on laughter as the key.

“For years,” says Tommy, “People would tell us things like, ‘my dad won’t go to church but he loves to watch your videos’.”

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Tommy Woodard and Eddie James. Image KFOR

Eddie explains, “We truly believe humor breaks down walls for truth to enter.”

Over the years, they’d both given some thought to someday seeing themselves on a truly big screen but figured that would take a miracle.

Tommy admits, “For both of us, it was the dream of a kid.”

So here they sit, at the start of a summer movie season, and one of the first nationwide offerings is a comedy called ‘Family Camp’ starring Tommy and Eddi as two dads forced together with their families at a church retreat.

Tommy laughs, “Eddie’s character is a cross between Ned Flanders (from The Simpsons) and Michael Scott (from The Office).”

Tommy and Eddie, The Skit Guys to a legion of youth groups and Sunday church service regulars, are taking another big step, seeing for themselves what God might have for them next.

Woodard says, “What we’ve always tried to do is honor God with everything we do.”

‘Family Camp’ opens to an estimated 900 movie screens nationwide on May 13, 2022.

You can also follow them on Instagram.

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