A new interstate landmark for I-35 in Edmond, a 20 foot metal sculpture called ‘Directions’

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EDMOND, OKLAHOMA -- The construction crane showed up at the OnCue store right on time. 9:00AM at 15th and I-35 in Edmond.

"I like to go big," says metal sculptor Joe Slack. "It's just fun to see something monumental."

The artist arrived a few minutes later with the largest project he's ever attempted.

3 huge, steel faces, the tallest one 17 feet fall from its base, to be installed on the corner of store property, a new landmark, like an Easter Island statue on the interstate.

"I just want to engage," says Slack, "And for it to be part of the landscape."

"As long as they're not indifferent," he continues. "Indifference is the enemy."

It's been a year since OnCue CEO Jim Griffith started talking with Slack about putting something big on this corner.

Jim was thinking bronco (see UCO Broncho) at first but Joe won him over to the idea of a piece called 'Directions'.

Griffith says, "I think it's going to be a landmark for people going up and down I-35."

Joe and team spent three months mocking up and then welding together thousands of pounds of steel.

We dropped by his studio in late June when the sparks were really flying, then in late August just in time to see the finished product.

On Friday morning it only took a few minutes to mount this huge piece of art on to a four-foot concrete pedestal.

The three faces point toward the highway.

If it's 'Directions' you want here they are.

Slack says, "It looks great. I couldn't be happier. It's my favorite piece, by far, that I've ever done. And it's like a gorilla is off my back."

The sculpture's location is designed to be visible from the interstate, perhaps not as tall as the water towers or the big cross just to the north.

But it's a new landmark for Edmond to be sure, something the artist hopes will be here for a long time.

"I'm hoping for at least a hundred year plan here," he says.

To see more of artist Joe Slack's work go to www.joeslack.com

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