GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) — A short walk in the wood with a man like Brooks Pollard might not ordinarily involve any sort of insect repellent.

But only because we asked him to, he is wearing a particular set of outer garments.

“Do you feel protected,” we ask on the trail?

“I do feel protected,” he smiles.

Truth be told, he is a spokesmodel for an Oklahoma company called Mozzie Style that makes them.

“Light, breathable, comfortable,” he continues.

The company started with two friends, Heather Boles and Jamie Harrison in 2016 when the mosquito borne Zika virus was making headlines.

“That was scary,” Boles recalls.

Their search for wearable solutions didn’t locate anything outside the realm of hunting and outdoor gear.

“Lots of camouflage,” says Harrison.

So they thought, what if they could make durable, machine washable, wearable mosquito repelling clothes that actually looked good?

Boles states their mindset as, “It was really more of a development of how we could make a bubble for someone to be in without it looking like a bubble.”

It took lots of trial and error to find the right fabric, but once they did the ideas kept coming.

Hooded jackets are their best seller but their website offers pants, tented hats, tents for baby strollers, even blankets for the beach.

Hitting their stride meant Mozzie Style grew like ants at a picnic.

“We started sewing them ourselves,” Heather says of their beginnings, “We threw up a website and we kept selling out.”

Back on the trail in our walk with Brooks in the wilds of Logan County, Oklahoma, one of us is protected.

The other seems blissfully unaware of the looming threat of blood sucking insects.

A quick check, however, reveals several tiny ticks crawling on Pollard’s insect repelling trousers.


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In this case, at least, Mozzie Style, mostly worked.

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