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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA — Like a train slowly building up speed, that’s kind of what it’s like with the coming of Spring.

And, literally, what it’s like at the Orr Family Farm days before the place opens to paying customers.

General Manager Shannon Kemp has to make sure the mixers are working in the new cookie barn just built last Fall.

“We’re pretty much there,” she says. “We just have to do some final touches and put a little edge on it so we can open up for spring and get ready for some fun.”

Big trucks are still delivering last-minute supplies.

It’s not a big secret why Shannon and Glenn Orr stay close at hand when the first batch of kettle corn comes out of the cooker.

“We’ve grown up a lot,” says the Orr Farm founder. “We keep adding new things every year.”

So you probably know, Glenn’s property between Moore and Oklahoma City hasn’t been a regular farm since way before 2004 when we first visited.

Glenn was a veterinarian turned theme park manager who kept putting new stuff in his pasture for visitors.

We came back for the new zipline in 2011, and the 2013 tornado only slowed them down a little.

Last year, the Orrs had close to 80,000 people come on over.

“People enjoy it so much here,” says Glenn “That’s what keeps me going.”

So you can understand why this farm is so busy leading up to its opening weekend.

The carriage needed a new garland of flowers.

Picnic tables still waited to be unstacked.

Work continues on a new barn for the animals.

And that train keeps chugging down the tracks.

In addition to getting everything back on the rails, family, and even other farmers keep coming up with new ideas for the extra space out here.

From livestock to rolling stock, from horses to hay burners, this farm’s crop has been good times for a while now, and the harvest is just coming in.

The Orr Family Farm’s opening day for 2017 is March 11.

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