A tornado took her favorite old elm but left something behind. Can you see it?

Great State

LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. — This might be Barbara Cunningham’s favorite spot.

“I spend most of the year out here,” she says.

Her back deck is a quiet oasis perfect for a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine in the evening.

“I love to watch the clouds,” she continues.

The setting takes us back to the evening of August 26th, 2019 and a storm that approached that evening.

Barbara took a few quick pictures before heading in for supper.

She recalls, “I started watching the television and Mike Morgan was on telling about the weather and what was happening. And then, all of a sudden, he said we had a tornado that had touched down, and I went, ‘that’s me’.”

She didn’t see the damage until the next day.

Barbara is sure a twister caused all this damage and tore apart a huge elm tree in the back yard.

“That was a mighty crash,” she says standing next to a huge, twisted part of the trunk. “I thought it was my roof but it was the tree coming down.”

The damage cleaned up, the leaves starting to turn, everything was back to normal in her happy place when she first noticed something strange, a face where there hadn’t been one before, buried in the trunk of that old elm.

“That’s kind of how I saw it the first time,” she says.

Barbara chuckles, “It was almost like a man got swirled around and sucked into my tree.”

It didn’t scare her.

“It’s very calming,” she counters.

It didn’t exactly shout out but there it is, maybe a sleepy sloth with eyes closed.

Cunningham wonders if the storm spirits brought her a friend to look out for the next bad weather.

“Well,” she says, “He looks a little sad.”

Her tree is dead for sure, but Barbara would very much like to save her foul-weather friend.

“I’ll never forget it,” she says.

He’s out there as much as she is, more even, and she’s grown accustomed to having him as company.

“A live image in there,” she insists.

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