GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – Victorian Christmases were just called Christmas here before statehood.

The buildings were modern, constructed with the latest architectural style and with all the modern conveniences of the day.

There were decorations up shortly after Statehood Day in November of 2017 at the Carnegie Library, according to historian Nathan Turner, though it was nothing like what they put up these days.

An army of volunteers comes in after Thanksgiving to make over all the reading rooms and the big lobby.

He tells us, “When we’re ready to decorate another staff member and myself will put everything in the middle of the room and we know right where it goes.”

Somewhere in all the drawers full of stodgy forms at the old Capital Publishing Co., Lynn Bilodeau surely lies evidence of the Christmas cards or holiday material once printed in the building.

“I can’t imagine they didn’t print some Christmas material along with everything else that was printed,” he says.

Both of these iconic Victorian structures are on a special tour organized by Guthrie’s Territorial Christmas Foundation.

The first state capitol has more of them than any other city in the state.

The city was frozen in the time it took for Oklahoma City to become the new capitol in 1910.

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But Lawana and Don Conry are delighted Guthrie looks the way in does now.

“We go all out,” smiles Lawana. “We love decorating for Christmas.”

Their old house in Texas looked fine decked out for the holidays, but nothing like their home now.

Every room holds a new vista.

Every shelf offers a chance to show off a 50-year journey of collecting for this season.

Don says, “We’ve been collecting just for this moment. We’ve been antique dealers. Our house is filled with antiques.”

The wassail is warm, the fire lit.

Guthrie’s Victorian history isn’t so much frozen now as warm and fuzzy in our holiday memories.

Walking back in time was never so easy.

Find more information on the Distinctive Home tour or the Victorian Night Walks online.

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