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MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – He is never alone.

Like a lot of other guys, Paul Snyder has his own space to work in the garage next to his car.

But let the picture keep pulling out and visitors soon realize that Paul’s artistic and pop culture interests can’t be confined simply to the second space in a two-car add-on.

“Most people that come over to my house,” he tells us, “assume that I have to be single. There’s no way anyone would let me do all this.”

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Paul Snyder and his life-size Iron Men.

He is an artist in all kinds of mediums.

“They don’t know what to expect over here,” he continues.

One wall of the garage holds a row of life-size Iron Men and other Avengers.

Look to the left and you’ll spot Vin Diesel standing next to Bill Murray in his Ghostbusters outfit.

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Paul doing some happy painting, not by accident, as Peter Venkman and Dom Toretto hang out in the background, probably talking about NOS-powered proton packs.

Paul actually made a lot of these figures.

Step into his old family room and you can marvel at his latest remodel, a Star Wars theme room he only finished a few weeks back.

He’s always busy with something.

The decor in this house changes constantly.

Snyder admits, “I do a lot of wandering through hardware stores and thrift stores. I get whatever grabs my eye that I might be able to use for something.”

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The one and only Luke Skywalker.

His theater room looks a lot like the Haunted House ride from Disneyland.

“We were carting all this in from day one.”

His living room is a tribute to more Disney movies and pop culture icons, plus animals and monsters.

“Was there ever a time when this house was normal looking,” we ask?

“Maybe the first half-hour after we moved in,” he replies.

We asked if he ever gets creeped out with so many life-size figures staring at him all the time.

“Only when there’s just one in a room,” he tells us. “If there’s more, they blend in.”

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A galaxy not so far, far away…

There are people who come over and spend hours looking around.

The game room could be a dining room but only at the risk of upsetting his already angry looking Morgan Freeman figure.

“You have an honest to goodness wax museum here,” marvels his visitor.

“We don’t have one in Oklahoma,” Snyder chuckles, “So I made my own.”

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Tupac Shakur, immortalized.

Paul really isn’t single.

Somewhere in here lives a very understanding wife who lets her husband have all the room he needs to decorate.

The walls, the shelves, even the ceilings all reflect his interests, and they never stay the same for long.

“Every project I do is something extra.”

If you’re interested in seeing more of Paul Snyder’s house and art work, go to his Facebook page.