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THOMAS, Okla. (KFOR) – It’s a very real question.

Who needs more prep time before a wedding, Bonnie and Clyde, a team of Percheron/Morgan crosses, or the bride herself?

“He’s definitely curious,” says owner and handler Lacey Sizemore.

“We unload them,” she continues, “unload the carriage, clean them up, harness them, clean up the carriage and hook them up. They’re here to look pretty.”

Mark and Lacey Sizemore bought this brother and sister about five years ago to give carriage rides at Christmas, to work prom season and wedding seasons in summer and fall, even funerals.

Mark insists, “If you can think of anything you can do with these horses, we’ve had them on any kind of job.”

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Bonnie and Clyde

The horses don’t pull heavy weight or go long distances, but the Territory Carriage Co. pulls this western Oklahoma family right back to the 19th century, and to Lacey’s family roots.

“My great, great grandpa had a carriage manufacturer in Pennsylvania,” she claims. “It’s in our blood.”

Bonnie and Clyde don’t use any make-up, but their hair gets a good comb.

The dust from the road is wiped off.

Their fancy tack is put on with great care.

This luxury ‘vis a vis’ carriage gets a good polish too, and it all starts at least three hours before the bride, in this case, Malorie Holmes and her uncle climb aboard.

Mark says, “Growing up riding horses was one thing, but sitting behind the team and driving a team of horses is something a lot of people don’t get to experience.”

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Enjoying an old-fashioned ride.

A century-and-a-half back this would have been a common practice as weddings go.

These days it’s something special, a slow road, final approach to one of life’s big events.

The only other wagon in sight carries a toddler ring bearer pulled by another child.

The star of this show, Malorie of course, but bringing up the front is always Bonnie and Clyde, and the Sizemores, riding in style no matter what the year, or the occasion.

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