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CUSHING, Okla. (KFOR) – The ending or the beginning, Geoff Beasley really didn’t know which he had on his hands when he took a look at the old Dunkin Theatre after a 5.2 earthquake closed it in November, 2016.

He decided to start a new chapter here by spending millions from the sale of his tech company and sinking it into shoring up the damage, turning Howard Dunkin’s 1926 Vaude-film gem back into a working business.

Listing a portion of what he’s done in the theater alone, Beasely says, “all new air conditioning, side panel displays, new screen, new truss work, a quarter-million-dollar lighting system, about a $150,000 sound system.”

“We sat back and observed and thought, ‘This is going to die (if we don’t do something), and this is a really important part of our town and our history.”

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Dunkin Theatre

The show back on, he and his family turned their attention to the old Peter’s Department Store next door.

In August of 2021 he opened Godofredo’s, a pizzeria, a bar and another live music venue.

From a tech executive in charge of more than 70 employees to a developer with an eye for preservation took a lot of work, a lot of pizza, but it seems to be working so far.

“People have been so appreciative and so kind to tell us how appreciative they are. They show us how thankful every time they come in,” he says.

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Godofredo’s and the Dunkin Theatre.

Geoff says the theater and the restaurant fit well together.

It’s hard to argue with the combination of dinner and movie or drink and show, or both.

Godofredo’s is how you pronounce the name, but Geoff wasn’t the first to notice another way to slice it.

The ‘God-of-redos’ in Cushing continues to create something new from the rubble of the old.

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