After recovering from COVID-19, this Oklahoma musician saw his song go ‘viral’

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PIEDMONT, Okla. (KFOR) — The other symptoms, the illness than first felt like allergies, then the fever, the weariness, the back ache that came with the coronavirus in early March are all gone now.

Matt Denman was never hospitalized but he spent a couple of weeks in bed.

“It didn’t feel great,” he admits.

That was when this tune first came to him.

Denman says, “It seemed like there was so much fear and so much despair.”

As he recovered and got back to playing music again, he kept working at a theme that he was never really alone through his health struggle.

“This line came into my head. ‘Jesus didn’t leave us with grave faces’.

Lyrics followed tune.

By the time he sent them to a former student Cole Grubbs, ‘Grave Faces’ was finished and in need of a voice.

Grubbs, a music pastor at Crossings Church Edmond, says, “From there, he put it all together and put some percussion tracks on it.”

Throughout the past few weeks, from writing to performing and then to sharing, both singer and songwriter felt compelled to somehow find an audience for a song that had a lot to say about what everyone, sick or not, was going through.

Denman says, “There was this urgency to put it together and to share it.”

‘Grave Faces’ is a song about finding faith in isolation.

It’s a message that we’re never really alone or unloved.

The response, so far, says they were on to something.

“I felt like I needed it more than anyone,” Matt says. “All those words were what I needed to hear.”

His one man audience smiles and queries, “Has it gone viral?”

Denman laughs, “I don’t know. I hope not.”

The guest qualifies by suggesting his message is infectious for all the right reasons.

You can find a recording and music video of Matt Denman’s ‘Grave Faces’ on YouTube.

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