Airplanes and Legos: This Norman, OK man played with them as a kid and made a career of them as an adult.

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NORMAN, OKLAHOMA -- They are little building blocks that fit together.

So how many different types of Lego pieces are there?

Jonah Padberg thinks he can link together a good estimate because he has most of them.

"Approaching 80,000 different types of parts," he guesses.

He unwrapped his first Lego set at age seven.

"I've been hooked ever since then" he says.

Jonah already liked airplanes afer hearing about his grandfather's World War II stories of flying torpedo bombers in the Pacific.

Padberg says, "I've always had that fascination."

A crude airplane might be one of the first things kids make with Lego bricks, but Jonah took it much, much further.

"I started building my own stuff and honing my skills," he says.

This B-17 was his first complete build.

Jonah downloaded the blueprints and made sure the scale was correct, the detail exact.

"I destroyed it and rebuilt it three different times."

Since then he's done the same thing with a fleet of aircraft, some easy like this P-51 Mustang still in progress, all the way up to this SR-71 Blackbird, all from Lego bricks you can buy.

"All Lego brand," he states.

Jonah set up his own table when the Brick Universe Convention visited Oklahoma City for the first time.

His kits were so well received that he hung on online shingle and started selling them.

He says, "My customers are adults who still like to play with Legos."

His British Lancaster bomber will be his latest creation, 2,300 pieces with moveable flaps and ailerons.

"I figure all the dimensions out and go from there."

There are lots of aircraft out there left to build.

Jonah Padberg has designs on doing this for a while.

He says, "I plan to do every plane ever created."

For more information on Plane Bricks and Jonah Padberg's designer build kits go to

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