SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – Cubs to Wolves, to full blown Chiefs.

Fans, friends, and family filed into Jim Thorpe Stadium Saturday afternoon to celebrate the most recent success of a true, hometown hero.

Creed Humphrey, starting center for the Kansas City Chiefs took it all in with a sense of wonder.

After all, it hadn’t been too many years since he grew up, first, playing beyond the end zones, then playing on the high school field itself.

“I have a lot of pride being from Shawnee,” he told the crowd before launching a traditional football cheer.

“Wolves on 3!” he shouted. “1,2,3 Wolves!” the crowd shouted back.

The schools he attended, the whole town really, went crazy for the Chiefs and Creed prior to the 2023 Super Bowl.

On this day they got to cheer the man in person.

Mayor Ed Bolt gave Humphrey a proclamation and key to the city.

“Here we have our own Super Bowl champion,” gushed Bolt.

Rocky Barrett gave Creed his first Cedar Ceremony as a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation.

“It’s awesome,” Humphrey said later. “There’s not a ton of Native American representation in sports.”

The occasion had its speakers.

The band played.

Creed talked to reporters for a bit.

But looking back their are moments of a day like this that reveal a little about the man and the event.

“Being able to represent my city out there on Sunday nights is huge for me,” he stated. “Also, just being able to set an example for the kids in this town.”

Divide the precious time he spent on podium, in the press conference, and saying hello to old friends.

He spent the largest slice of that time commitment signing every autograph kids held out.

Creed even signed at least one forehead until each and every one was satisfied they’d seen him, touched him, and taken a little inspiration from someone who’d walked this way before.

Humphrey’s family, including brother and parents still live in Shawnee.

Creed also has an off-season home in nearby Oklahoma City.

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