GUTHRIE, Okla. (KFOR) – The hills south of the city were alive with herds of bison first, then cattle for a long time.

When the Moore family moved to this acreage 20 years ago, they had to think a while about what kind of animals they wanted.

Karla Moore grew up in Philadelphia, PA.

Her kids, including daughters Jennifer Spencer and Kaylin Muchichwa, didn’t know much about farming either.

“We didn’t know anything about taking care of livestock so it’s been kind of a wild ride,” giggles Jennifer. “We started building barns and putting up fences.”

But they persisted.

“Did you think your mom was crazy,” asks a visitor?

“Yeah,” Jennifer smiles. “A little bit.”

Finally, about 10 years ago, they settled on alpacas.

“They’re cousins to the camel,” explains Kaylin. “They’re super sweet.”

More pets than livestock, more dress up for play than eating grass to make hamburger.

“We’ve taken them to weddings, baby showers…” Jennifer mentions.

“We’ve dressed them up,” adds Kaylin.

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It’s still work, they all insist.

Kaylin still remembers hauling water on cold, winter days.

She still handles the babies, picking them up, so they’ll get used to human touch.

Karla tells us, “The last time we weighed them they were up to 30 pounds.”

“He’s definitely heavier now,” laughs Kaylin as she holds a 4-month-old alpaca.

Their farm operation is a real one.

The family shears their brood every spring.

They buy, sell, and breed their animals.

But every one at Alpacas-N-Moore has a name, and several outfits from which to choose.

“Santa, Reindeer, Pumpkin, Unicorn, Bride and Groom,” they list.

Every September, Alpaca Owners Association members across the country host open houses for the public.

The Moore family (not the family in Moore, OK) is actually planning a full party to show off their grass fed pets.

Theirs might not be a typical farm but it’s still a unique, bright, green spot on the Oklahoma ‘grange’.

For more information about Alpacas-N-Moore or their open house on Saturday, September 23, 2022, go to their Facebook page or their Instagram page.

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