OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Search hard enough and you might find lots of skeletons in anyone’s closet.

Genea Vallion has them, lots of them, and they have names.

“This is Murray,” she informs us as she takes him out of a hall closet.

“This is Micheal,” playing a string bass.

“Isabella,” is a dog skeleton.

“This is David,” she points to a skeleton playing a 3-string banjo.

3 years ago she started decorating her yard with ravens.

But it was skeletons that started catching her attention after that, so she kept her eye out for them.

Drive the 2800 block of Dorchester Drive now and she’s got skeletons haunting both sides of the street.

They tell stories too.

“Everything is a story here,” she says enthusiastically.

Last year, she staged a wedding.

This year, her spooks are multiplying.

“After the wedding, you get babies!” she shouts pointing to a skeleton couple expecting a baby skeleton.

Across the driveway sit the grandparents, fishing in retirement.

“You’re not the only one even on this street who puts out a skeleton,” we observe, “but you don’t see like the kind of person who stops at one.”

“No,” she giggles.

Across the street, some of her newest skeletons play music.

The country band came in from Atlanta just last week.

The jazz duo came from New York.

Of course, there are now lots of people who slow down or even stop.

“We love making people smile and stop, and look,” she says.

A few of Genea’s neighbors like to visit nearly every day.

Vallion says they’re welcome any time.


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For a person who actually enjoys sharing the skeletons in her closet, sitting, or even swinging with them every October can be quite relaxing in a spooky, fun kind of way.

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