OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Jeff Britton has always been good at identifying problem parts hidden within sometimes complicated machines.

He spent most of his professional life in appliance repair tearing into refrigerators, microwave ovens, and clothes dryers.

“I think I’ve got a faulty timer,” he says of the broken dryer he’s examining.

But his own physical problems weren’t hard to diagnose at all.

A combination of physical ailments including diabetes took him away from his livelihood and, in January of 2018, forced a sudden amputation of his left leg below the knee.

He recalls his, “2 weeks in a hospital, lost my leg, no work.”

A small business owner, self-insured, Jeff didn’t know how he would survive let alone work again.

He says, “I had no way of making a dime.”

His plight, along with thousands of other amputees is illustrated in a unique warehouse in Oklahoma City.

There are more than 2 million amputees in the U.S. and hundreds more added to the list every day.

“It’s a huge number,” agrees Limbs for Life Executive Director Randy Titony.

Their warehouse stores shelf upon shelf of donated equipment to aid those amputees who couldn’t afford them otherwise.

Jeff never walked around inside this facility but his foot came from here.

Another warehouse visitor wonders, “Do you feel like a kid in a candy store Jeff?”

“I wouldn’t know what I was looking for,” he laughs.

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He’s on his 4th prosthetic device now.

The latest includes a new ankle joint that makes walking steep driveways a little easier.

“It actually tilts a little bit,” he says.

Titony and staff got him that new foot this fall along with fitting many others.

“By the end of the year,” he tells us, “we are going to be funding approximately 380 patients with new prosthetic devices.”

Spare parts for necessary repairs, Jeff Britton knows he received a gift that changed his life, and that keeps giving with every step he takes.

“You are up and running,” he smiles.

The Limbs for Life Foundation formed in 1995 with a local prosthetist John Sabolich.

It is now a global non-profit helping fit needy clients with prosthetic limbs at little or no cost.

For more information go to https://www.limbsforlife.org/.

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