EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – Bedtime at the Peebles’ place is a nightly process.

PJs on, blankets and binkies located, family prayers recited, teeth brushed, blankets tucked in, stories read, and then, for mom Sydnie Peebles, time to go to work.

“All my life, I’ve been trying to figure out what it was that I was supposed to do because I knew I had a weird skill set,” she says.

It might sound like an awful lot to unpack, but Sydnie describes herself as having always been driven to do something different.

She says, “I knew I liked working with my hands.”

Her father is a sculptor.

She went to art school.

At one point in her early career, she’d settled on making cowboy boots or shoes.

Peebles recalls, “When I saw how shoes are made, it just clicked.”

What she settled on, in a quiet home office for now, combined the artistry of sculpting, with the craftsmanship of boot making, the hand stitching of saddlery, and the pattern making of a clothing designer.

“I am a fulltime mom during the day,” she smiles, “But my husband calls our office a sweat shop.”

“It’s creative which is what I feel like I was born to do,”

Un-packing all this, a very small, very exclusive, one-person shop she named Sydnie – Banks.

She explains, “They’re one-of-one handbags. They’re completely made with age-old techniques, so I use all hand tools. No machines.”

Sydnie packed her bags and went to England to learn from the best hand stitcher she could find.

She came to Oklahoma in the first place to learn from the best bootmaker she could find (Lisa Sorrell in Guthrie).

Some of her ‘baggage’ included hard times.

Her first child was stillborn.

The ‘Banks’ in her label is named for him.

Of arriving at her unique, nighttime job, she says, “I think a lot had to happen.”

Her handbags are different, no one the same, pulling from an education and a wealth of experience like no other.


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She produces a product that has her knowledgeable hands on it from start to elegant finish.

Sydnie and her handbags are getting ready for New York Fashion Week in September.

To learn more about her process and see her products, visit her website.