ANADARKO, Okla. (KFOR) — Bobby Gonzalez is Tribal Chairman for the Caddo Nation, but he can still remember trying to walk around inside the old McKee’s Indian Store that opened in 1962, crammed with shelf after shelf of Native American art and regalia.

“It was a go-to place for artists and local people to come and share the culture of their tribes,” he recalls.

The McKee family sold their store years ago.

A local family owned it next, but the collective memory of the place contained within local artists, tribal members, and Gonzalez himself, just couldn’t let it close for good.

“Caddo people are artists,” he explains. “They’re part of our people and culture. Things slowed down for them and we wanted to give back.”

This spring the Caddo Tribe took over the store and the artifacts left behind, and moved in other items employees thought would fit.

The Grand Opening coincided with this year’s American Indian Exposition.

Employees are still ordering the beads and bangles necessary for making dance and ceremonial wear.

Silversmiths like Pawnee Bruce Ceasar are selling their work.

Painters like T.C. Cannon brought in art as well.

Robert Redbird used to sell his paintings in the old McKee’s. His original work is on display now as part of an art opening at the gallery next door, also owned by the Caddo Tribe.

“These are some of the very few, original pieces he has left in the United States,” says Gonzalez.

Blankets, T-shirts and souvenir stuff are all here too just like the old days.

But the outlet for creativity and culture—that’s what’s always kept the doors open here.

Artists, “have to have a venue,” Bobby argues.

The old store still has a heart that beats to a Native drum.

“Our Native culture, by Native people, by a Native tribe.”

McKee’s Indian Store and Susan Peters Gallery is located at 116 Main Street in downtown Anadarko.


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The business is open six days a week from 9-5.

For more information on the store, visit their Facebook page.

For more information on the Caddo Nation, visit