CHICKASHA, Okla. (KFOR) – Curtis Hart and an old dairy farm he inherited have come a long way over the past 30 or 40 years.

“I can tell you the story behind it all,” he says.

It was his grandfather who let him start bringing old stuff out to the farm, old signs, old cars, and other rare, rusty things.

“Do you look across the landscape here and think of things to do with it?” we ask.

“Something’s always missing,” he replies.

But he had a vision and the work ethic to turn all that old stuff into a unique property.

“You haven’t quite yet?” we query.

“No. I haven’t yet,” he smiles. “We’re still putting in 18-hour days.”

Muscle Car Ranch is home to pretty ponds, docks, big stages, old buildings, highway signs, and, yes, cars.

“You can uncover a lot of really interesting little angles, nuances, and corners. The ambiance is really cool out here,” he says.

His latest plan for a half dozen vintage buses and RVs, line them up along the shore of one of his ponds, fix them up, and let guests camp in them.

Some people might call it ‘glamping’, but Hart has been too busy to familiarize himself with the term.

“Glamping,” he chuckles. “I’ll have to look that up.”

Curtis never kept all his artifacts to himself.

Just about every year since he moved to this place, he’s held outdoor concerts or swap meets.

This year is no different.

The stages, and the pastures, and all the stuff to look at will make for an event he now calls Twisterfest, three days of concerts.

“We’ve got plenty of bands,” he promises. “We’ve got a really neat championship wrestling ring we’ll put down by the old Valentine Diner.”

A smarter investor might have developed this property by the turnpike, built houses, or just mowed it for the hay crop.


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“I’ve never been a smarter guy though,” he smirks. “I guarantee you boy. That’s the truth.”

But Hart continues to work on his own kind of ranch, cutting grass, raising steel, and inviting friends over to look or play.

For schedule or ticket information on Twisterfest ’23 go to their website or their Facebook page.