MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) – They have a lot of bikes from which to choose: a couple of dozen frames, rims, and tires stored on the side of the house.

Matthew Willits and friends might fix up a few as is.

“And just give them to people who might need them,” offers Willits.

But the ones they like best come into the Willits’ garage for a radical transformation.

“It’s different,” He continues. “I like stuff that’s not usual.”

Matthew built his first hybrid bike after seeing a Youtube tutorial video.

Looking up he says, “This bike is ten feet tall after I get the steering wheel on it.”

Zane Swan and some other guys saw him riding around the neighborhood and, pretty soon, they were building too.

“I was dumbfounded,” says Zane recalling the first time he ever saw Matthew riding down his street. “I didn’t know what to say. I was clueless. I was at a loss for words.”

A little cutting, griding, and welding is all it takes.

Matt’s dad had all the tools they might need.

He kept drawing up plans and they all kept building.

Willits says, “We draw them up to make sure they’re work. Then we just start making it.”

Tall bikes are their specialty, but Matt’s Bicycle Shop has gotten kind of famous around town for their wild rides.

“I like to build them,” says Matt, “And I like the smiles they put on peoples’ faces. I really like to make people happy.”

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Riding together is no problem on their latest tandem creation.

Matt steers from the top seat with a steering wheel.

The Swan brothers and Carston Strider pedal from the outriggers or just hop on part of the frame made of conduit.

The extra long chain needs adjusting but it mostly works.

“I have a whole bunch of ideas,” smiles Willits.

Matt and the boys are always testing something new.

They have more plans to fix bikes for kids who might not have the money for a regular one, and a lot more plans to change the whole idea of pedal power going forward.

If you’d like to see more of Matt’s pedal creations go to his Instagram page @thebicyclebuilder or @mattsoutdoors.

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