McALESTER, Okla. (KFOR) – Getting to his downtown office, for Justin Few, takes more than just a drive and walk through the front door.

He knew the building didn’t have an elevator when he bought it almost five years ago.

“I get a little exercise every day,” smiles on the walk up.

Few also knew there were hills to climb in restoring an 85-year-old structure.

“Luckily, I don’t think we had too many demons hiding behind the walls,” he continues.

If there was one element he really wanted to save though, it was a huge, outdoor cigarette ad from before his building even went up.

He says, “It was just a one in a million type find.”

From his office perch on the second floor, the old Piedmont brand still means quality.

“I’ve always wanted to have my own building and my own office space,” he says. “When this opportunity came around, it was like putty I could mold.”

Few has always been interested in saving space, saving energy, and saving things most people might throw away.

Demolition crews hauled away tons of old plaster and rotted wood, but they worked hard to restore most of the red wood flooring, the original doors, and trim pieces too.

The second floor made for rentable office space beside his and a big conference room.

The finished project, he says, “Went way beyond my expectations.”

On the third floor, he added an apartment. The Murphy, he called it, had more to do with just the Murphy Bed.

Few smiles, “Murphy’s Law kind of dictated the project so we joke that it’s the Murphy Apartment and the Murphy Building.”

Getting his renovation plans to completion required patience and additional costs, but the Murphy Building fit Few’s ideas about conservation and historic preservation.

“I laugh now,” he says, “But I probably had more hair when we started.”

A third-floor deck even has a couple of active bee hives working steadily to make his project all the sweeter.


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