Animals from 6 continents are ‘stuffed’ inside this Frederick, OK roadside attraction

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FREDERICK, OKLAHOMA -- The building on Main Street doesn't tell you much about what to expect inside.

A bronze plaque on the wall says something about a collection dedicated to the education and preservation of wildlife.

That's when Felisha Crawford takes over.

"It's like entering a whole different world," she says. "It's a fun thing that people come in from the sunlight to the dark a little bit. By the time they're eyes adjust there's a bit of awe, like 'whoah'."

She is the curator and family appointed tour guide for one of the most complete collections of hunting trophies in America.

Take a big sporting goods store like Cabela's or Bass Pro and multiply by seven continents.

These are the souvenirs Felisha's father-in-law Ben Crawford brought home from nearly 40 years of hunts around the world.

"What's the reaction most of the time," asks a visitor?

"For kids it's lots of big smiles. Lots of 'wow'," Felisha responds

Ben took a trip to Canada in the 1970's and brought this 9 foot tall brown bear home.

Folks around town started calling him Charlie.

Other stuffed specimens followed.

By the early 2000's these things were everywhere: houses, cabins, offices, even Felisha's house.

"And we still had stuff in storage," she says.

Ben's wife Carol Crawford had the idea to put them here and invite visitors to come and stare back.

"We want to get you here and entertain you while you're here," says Crawford. "I just saw a bear in Frederick, Oklahoma so it's exciting."

The 'big five' are over here.

The 'little nine' stand quietly nearby.

Some people are a little creeped out sure.

A Girl Scout troop didn't really feel like spending the night.

"The rest of them had seen 'Night at the Museum' too many times," says Crawford of the majority of the girls.

For the better part of 15 years now the public has filed through to marvel.

If they leave angry the Crawfords can't tell.

"They always seem to be happy. I don't think I've ever had anyone go away mad," she says.

The family collection remains a small town, roadside attraction that's hard to miss, no matter how you feel.

The Crawford Collection Museum is open to visitors by appointment.

If you're interested go to

or call (580) 335-3211.

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