OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Fascinated with color as a girl, Alyson Atchison attached personalities to her favorites.

“Yellow was my best friend and she was beautiful,” she recalls. “Blue was her boyfriend.”

As director of the OK Science Museum’s Smart Space, she put together a whole exhibit exploring color at the intersection of art and science.

“In Prismatic, we’re exploring color as best we can in one exhibit,” she continues.

The moveable color wheel is a favorite here and placed in a gallery bright spot for a reason.

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Prismatic at OK Science Museum’s Smart Space. Photo from KFOR.

How the eye sees all this is open for interpretation.

Color, insists Atchison, “is so powerful it can sway our emotions.”

Also on display here, colorful DNA strands made of stained glass, or one artist’s view of what the landscape of an alien planet might look like in color.

The artist, “Used the elements found in the atmospheres of these planets,” she says.

Artist Laurie Frick organized a survey and had respondents answer questions on what stresses them out.

The graphed results became a series of works she calls, “Felt Personality”.

“You can read the data and also look at her artistic interpretation,” Atchiston shows.

Photo goes with story
The movable color wheel in the Prismatic exhibition. Photo from KFOR.

Blending and bending, color mixes in with our senses and our daily lives in ways too numerous to mention.

What we see and how we see it remain the subjects of endless study that leads to always interesting findings.

Quoting a recent study on color and taste, Alyson tells us, “Hot chocolate always tastes best in an orange mug.”

Alyson Atchison’s best friends are all the colors of the rainbow now, and on full display here in a room of her own design, ready for visitors to play and learn.

For more information on the Smart Space gallery at Science Museum of Oklahoma, go to the OK Science Museum website.

For information about a special reception with some of the featured artists, go to the Visit OKC website.