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OKLAHOMA CITY — To most average kayakers the mere thought of running a Class 4 or Class 5 rapids is enough.

“I think this is something really, really fun,” suggests expert kayaker Luis Gramizo.

But these guys have already run everything hard at Riversport Rapids they felt like they had to take their downriver runs up a notch.

That’s where Boater X comes in.

Gramizo grew up running wild rivers in his native Ecuador.

The idea of this sport is pretty simple.

Get three or four kayaks.

Start them at the same time.

Run them through a series of gates, and let them push each other around a bit to see who can get on the best line.

Gramizo explains, “You can push the next competitor with your kayak and with your paddle but you are not allowed to use your hands. You can’t grab his life jacket or push him. But you can do it with your paddle.”

Luis and friends were already doing stuff like this just fooling around.

Making it a sport was just the next step.

Boater X competitions started bubbling up wherever anyone could find white water a couple of years ago.

Luis adds, “It’s really, really fun. We love it. Everyone loves Boater X. It’s cool.”

Boater Crossers already came to Oklahoma City for a race in May.

Organizers expect about 30 of these water-logged adrenaline junkies back again.

The first one down wins.

“You finish like, destroyed,” Luis laughs.

What happens between the start and finish all comes out in the wash.

Riversport OKC is holding a free kayak clinic Saturday morning, August 24th starting at 9 a.m.

The Boater X competition begins at 4 p.m.

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