OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – The office looks a little different after 15 years.

Lloyd McAlister and his former associate Wendy Hill compare notes on her visit and the firm’s recent remodel.

Wendy hasn’t worked here for a few years now, but both attorneys eagerly recall her hiring as a young law school graduate.

“She was still a young law student,” says McAlister, recalling when they first met.

Hill says, “They were interviewing me for an associate position.”

“We soon realized she really had a passion,” continues McAlister.

Hill recalls, “When I was in law school, I went to a Christian Legal Society conference and found out there was a nationwide effort to set up new legal aid clinics.”

McAlister recalls, “sharing with one another the out-working of our faith and what faith meant to us in our lives.”

Trinity Legal Clinic
Trinity Legal Clinic

Hill continues, “I was probably a little scared of sharing, but it was such a fire in my belly.”

There are probably a lot of senior partners out there who would find it easy to dismiss an idealistic associate with a notion to give away free legal advice.

“There really was a desire to see and help people in that area,” states Hill.

“The idea of ‘what can we do’ and ‘can we do more’,” says McAlister.

But McAlister had been doing that anyway as a matter of principle.

They both put their heads together and came up with the foundations for Trinity Legal Clinic, an organization designed to help indigent clients who needed a voice in court.

Lloyd says, “We felt like that was the right idea but it needed to have legs under it.”

Wendy says, “They had connections. They knew people. They knew who wanted to help.”

They both still have stacks of paperwork to go through, Wendy in her home office, Lloyd in his corner office in Edmond.

But after a decade and a half of cases and rulings that often run together in memory, the one legal collaboration that lasts in the best possible way is their work in forming Trinity Legal.

McAlister says, “After 15 years I just stand amazed at what has been accomplished in meeting the needs of the community.”

Hill echoes, “How many people have been involved and how many people we have helped.”

Neither of them take any credit.

“It was God’s work,” smiles Hill.

But what they started is still vitally important.

For more information on Trinity Legal Clinic and how you can help, go to www.trinitylegal.org.