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MEEKER, OKLAHOMA -- By the time Spring really warms things up Don Langille's barn might have ten foals lining the stalls in his barn.

These aren't just any foals either.

At two weeks old, Coco Chanel might just have the regal bearing to be a TV star hitched to a Budweiser wagon or as one of the Express Ranches team.

Langille chuckles, "I don't have naming rights. I just have veto rights on names I can't stand."

"I know one horse we have is on the right wheel of the Budweiser St. Louis hitch so every time we see it we look for him."

They were bred for pulling very heavy things.

Clydesdales were the tractors, the combines the pick-up trucks of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

"One has tremendous power," says Langille. "You put six together and it's un-real the force they have."

Don grew up in a Clydesdale family in Canada, but kept his love for the breed alive in Oklahoma.

"Between the horses and the neighbors you can get pretty near anything done around here."

Langille cal already tell young Coco will be a good horse, spirited, with a nice, high-stepping gate.

"She's probably put on 100 pounds since she was born," he says. "It's fun to watch them grow, change, and develop."

In the next couple of months he expects several more foals running around Big Shoe Stables testing fences and exploring their new world.

Coco finds a way under a fence and is loose for a few minutes.

"Seems like she's going to be a problem child," smiles Langille.

The colts will start pulling at around the age of 2.

Meanwhile they eat and sleep.

Meeker, Oklahoma doesn't look like a place where stars are born, but it is.

A bunch of them have already left here in the past couple of years to join world-famous teams recognized by a lot more than just football fans.

At the last World Show in the Fall of 2015, Don also picked up the title of world's best driver.

For more information on Big Shoe Stables go to or look them up on facebook at Big Shoe Stables

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