GRANITE, Oklah. (KFOR) — From its founding in 1900, right up to the present day, Granite has anchored itself to the very rock for which it’s named.

John Murray’s family moved her in 1906.

“It’s home. It’s safe,” he says.

Generations of Murrays walked through the doors of the drug store, no matter who owned it, to fill prescriptions or get a phosphate from the soda fountain, or meet with neighbors.

“This drug store has operated in continuation since 1916,” says John’s wife Katy Murray. “Then I was working here recently.”

John’s wife Katy’s family has their roots in Granite rock too.

So when the last drug store in town was ready to inscribe their own tombstone epitaph, the Murrays already had another idea.

Katy continues, “In the back of my mind I always thought this place was the gold standard. I thought one day I might be an independent pharmacist at an independent pharmacy like this.”

They tore everything new right out, almost to the rock itself, and brought back as much history as they could find.

John relates, “We completely remodeled it. The 1960’s and 70’s era metal shelves, and the old blue carpet covering the original floor, we took those out.”

The old safe is out front now, as are all kinds of old photos from the town’s history.

John operates the fountain.

If you want a shake he scoops the ice cream.

Even if you want a regular Coke it’s hand mixed.

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John brought in a simple lunch counter, and from 11 to 2, the town, including a big bunch of hungry high school kids, swoops in for a tasted a town history whether they realize it or not.

“We’re a little pre-Wal Mart,” smiles John, “for a small town. It’s our general store.”

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