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DAVIS, OKLAHOMA — How many times can you say it?

I ‘heart’ you.

I love you.

Be my Valentine.

Have some chocolate.

Bedre’ Chocolate Company General Manager Kay Colbert counts every, single day.

“We can do 20,000 or more,” she says watching a conveyor belt carrying chocolate bars past.

We manage to show up on a morning where Love Note bars are coming off the stamp and down the conveyor belt ten at a time every few seconds.

Kay usually employs one shift per day churning the treats out.

For Christmas and for Valentines Day she might have to gear up for two.

But she says the job is always fun.

“It is a fun job,” she says. “It makes people happy.”

Love Notes, Meltaways, crisps and twists, cookies, clusters, cowboy hats.

White, dark, and milk chocolate.

For the past 40 years, first in Ada, now here in this immense chocolate factory near Davis, OK, bakers have dipped all kinds of things in chocolate.

“We’re always looking for ways to combine that sweet, salty, and the crunchy and the chocolate. You just can’t get much better than that,” says Colbert.

Their newest venture, a new take on Chocolate of the Month.

“You’ll get a box delivered to your door or you can send it as a gift to someone,” she says.

As the days get closer to February 14th people who work here see customers are and more determined to say those three magic words in the sweetest possible way.

So how many times is enough to say I Love You?

Around here they count those ways one bar, one meltaway, at a time hoping you’ll say it a lot.

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