Dead People’s Stuff isn’t a scary place but you could build a whole ‘haunted’ house out of what’s in there.

Great State

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Curran and Marymar Fudge have always been drawn to the vintage stuff.

Even before they met, both had a thing for old properties and the antiques inside.

“I always make a joke that we’re buying people’s trash and she hates that,” smiles Curran Fudge.

“It’s up-cycling,” corrects Marymar.

“Up-cycling. That’s a good one,” he responds.

So as we walked through this immense old warehouse full of salvaged stuff, we talked about what drew them in here.

Curran recalls, “We had a couple of flips going, a couple of rent houses.”

Marymar adds, “And they were all old houses.”

But seeing the former CATerpillar plant for sale, and getting the opportunity to take over a longtime business called Architectural Antiques, they saw a doorway and walked right through.

“It’s been pretty interesting at times,” says Curran. “Like I tell everybody, it’s been kind of like playing life size Tetris.”

It took a couple of years to get this building in the Steelyard District ready, more to inventory and organize all the items they actually had, but they turned Dead People’s Stuff into the kind of place people actually liked getting lost in.

“You could build a whole house in here,” they both agree.

Their shop dog isn’t very scary either.

“We call him Flea Flea Foxcopus,” says Curran. “He’s a good little shop dog. He’s friendly.”

Leftover business space went to a design firm, a plant seller and a couple of other eclectic businesses.

Think young couple, house flippers.

If Chip and Joanna Gaines from the show ‘Fixer Upper’ comes to mind, the Fudges are happy.

They’re ultimate goal, they say, “To be the Magnolia Marketplace of Oklahoma City.”

Dead People’s Stuff might have a scary sounding name but it’s not a very scary place.

No ghosts so far.

But it’s the kind of place they’re hoping live people will haunt all year long.

Curran and Marymar are holding what they call the grand re-opening of Dead People’s Stuff and Architectural Antiques Saturday, Nov. 2, 2019.

It’s an all day celebration coinciding with the actual Day of the Dead.

For more information on the store go to their website or to their Facebook page

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