Dipping all kinds of things in chocolate keeps this Guthrie shop going.

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GUTHRIE, OKLAHOMA -- Regulars and last-minute shoppers came through Rick's in waves on Valentine's Day morning.

The regulars woke up with their usual brew.

The late comers came to find something sweet from Stacy Staton's big list of items she dips in chocolate.

"It's definitely a really good feeling to be able to provide something that people are just going to love," she says.

Rick's Fine Chocolates and Coffees occupies a building that dates back to the 1890's when a man from Kansas City named Adler put his name on an early liquor store idea.

Stacy had another job in 2006 when her husband opened this candy shop.

Maybe it was her customers, maybe the chocolate itself, but the ideas kept coming.

In the shop's kitchen she describes the process of making a blackberry confection.

"We just put a little pool of dark chocolate in the bottom of a candy cup," she demonstrates. "And then we smoosh a blackberry down on top of that."

By the end of 2012 she was here full-time, right at home, elbow deep in the dark or milk chocolate.

The chocolate strawberries are a hit this year.

Her kitchen can't seem to swirl fast enough.

These blackberries sitting in chocolate cups are for a special order.

"Sure," she smiles. "We can do that."

Throw those in with the Butter Crunches, the Cake Balls, the Rick Krispie Treats, and Coke Bottles.

"We even dip Twizzlers in chocolate," Stacy adds.

There doesn't seem like anything her people won't dip in the stuff.

Christmas is still Staton's big season, but Valentine's is gaining fast thanks to a couple of things that go well together, and a willingness to spill and spread to find even more good pairings.

Staton states, "Not only do people walk in this business with a smile on their face, they walk out with an even bigger smile."

You can find Rick's Fine Chocolates on Oklahoma Avenue in Guthrie, on the web at www.ricksdowntown.com, or on Facebook at rick's fine chocolates and coffees.

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