Duck Call Maker takes duck season off to test his own product

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LANGLEY, OKLAHOMA -- Of all the things turning in Cody Johnson's head the sound a duck makes twists and travels the most.

"It's a lot of lonely nights spent out here," he says, "playing with reeds and corks and tone boards until you get the right sound."

He's listened with his ears and aimed with his eyes.

A lifelong duck hunter, Cody likes to be able to call them in, to be the one they listen to when it's time to land close.

"What makes a good one," asks a visitor?

"Whatever brings them in," smiles Cody. "It's the right call for that day, You never know."

"In my experience they like that whiny old hen that kind of bosses everyone around."

It wasn't ambition or hunger than led him to start making duck calls, but curiosity that drove him to choose wood or metal, to form reeds, corks, and tone boards.

"Your reed actually slaps the tone board and makes the sound," explains Johnson.

You could judge for yourself if you were a duck, but human experts gave Johnson and his Dirty Oak Calls an endorsement he never expected working out of his garage near Langley.

He wasn't even there when the International Waterfowlers gave him first place for his working mallard call.

"I just went over there to do the calling contest and I had a few of my calls in the car," he says.

His customers know he doesn't spend much time on the lathe in January.

He's likely on the nearby Grand River or one of its low water tributaries, duck call in hand.

Cody says, "I want my free time to be out in the woods or out on the lake."

A vacation from duck call making means calling them, bringing them as close as possible so the hunter in him can take action.

Dirty Oak Duck calls has a facebook page if you're interested in seeing more of what his small shop produces.

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