TUTTLE, Okla. (KFOR) – His baby onions are ready for re-planting. H.R. Reinke’s greens are green and within a few days of the year’s first picking.

“5 or 6 days,” he figures.

It’s a full week before the opening of Oklahoma City’s Scissortail Farmer’s Market and he is just beginning to realize how much there is to do on his 2 ½ acres of leased dirt near Tuttle.

“I feel like it’s never going to get here,” he ruminates. “Then, the next thing you know, all this will be full.”

It’s hard for him to think back 5 years to his old job as a landman for an oil company.

“An interesting path,” he smiles.

He and his wife started a garden in their back yard and selling what they didn’t eat at a small farmer’s market.

Research on the internet and ambition grew A and H Urban Farms.

Other requirements for this new career, he chuckles, “Strong back and hard head. You can do a lot.”

H.R. worries like any farmer about the violence of spring storms. He checks his baby greens every day for pests like aphids and flea beetles. But hope, as they say, springs eternal.

“I’ve got 2 acres of hope,” he says looking over his plot.

From hard pack pastureland, to composted soil, to a great, big garden, the Reinkes have big plans for their little patch of earth. They want to keep growing their business, and to feed more people than you might imagine.

H. R. insists, “You can grow a lot of food on a little bit of land.”

For information on the upcoming Scissortail Farmer’s Market go to scissortailpark.org.

For more information about A and H Urban Farms go to ahurbanfarm.com.

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