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OKLAHOMA CITY – In the church of barbecue, the holy trinity of ribs, brisket, and butt join hands nicely with the southside, after church crowd at the Cornish Smokehouse.

“We work together,” says owner and chef Chris Cornish.

“We do work together,” adds Chris’s wife Nicole.

Chris adds, “She gets ideas. I get ideas. We put them together and mix them up.”

The Cornishes welcome a good crowd at what they call Soulful Sundays, adding a little smoked turkey to the expansive menu that goes well beyond traditional barbecue, gathering in a world of flavors.

“It’s kind of a soul food, barbecue, fusion kind of thing,” offers up a guest.

“You hit the nail on the head,” smiles Chris. “Soul food, barbecue, jerk cuisine.”

Chris learned to cook as a kid, feeding brothers and sisters, and his mom who worked two jobs to make ends meet.

“We had to cook and fend for ourselves after school,” he recalls.

Nicole was only too happy to share her kitchen too.

“It’s always good to have a husband who knows how to cook as well,” she smiles, “And who knows when to jump in.”

Four years ago, we found the Cornishes with their own food truck operation on weekends.

They both dreamed of owning their own brick and mortar restaurant, which came true in October 2018.

“I think we love it,” says Chris.

“Yeah,” agrees Nicole.

Chris put in a good smoker he named ‘Samantha’.

“She smokes all meats,” he says as he monitors a shelf full of pork chops.

He drew up his own mascot named Mizz Stuffins.

He also came up with a slogan, “Every butt deserves a good rub”, that has hungry customers lining up for his creations.

“The soul food on Sundays has really taken off,” says Nicole.

A Soulful Sunday wouldn’t be complete without a nap after a dinner like this.

The Cornishes can’t tuck you in, but they’re really good at serving up that pleasant feeling that comes right before.

The new Cornish Smokehouse is located at 801 SW 119th Street.

For more information on their menu or hours of operation, click here.