EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – On this set of tracks a block west of downtown Edmond it seems like there’s always a train either coming or going.

Jeremy and Kara Choate are used to them by now, especially at the Edmond Railyard chugging down a little iced coffee, or chugging down their own professional siding.

They are both fellow photographers and storytellers who make their bones shooting weddings, babies and everything else they could think of.

“We’ve been doing that for about ten years,” says Jeremy.

The Choates had three kids along the way and a whole series of adventures wrapped around wedding seasons, but Jeremy was experimenting with movie scripts too.

“I just didn’t do anything about it,” he admits. “I don’t know how to write a screenplay.”

It was Kara who made sure those scripts got to more than just paper.

“I was kind of like, once you’ve done something for so long you want to be pushed,” she says.

For all kinds of different reasons, including a near death experience white water rafting, they got everything together.

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Jeremy and Kara Choate, image KFOR

In the Summer of 2020 they shot a full length feature film called ‘Tenkiller’, named for the lake, filmed in Tahlequah, and originated from Jeremy’s childhood.

“It’s about being a boy and being a brother,” he says.

The movie came out a little darker than your average wedding video.

Kara says, “This new stuff we have coming out has definitely got some grit and edge.”

One thing every photographer or sound man knows.

You can’t count on perfect light or ideal conditions to last as long as you want.

We had to take five for a couple of different trains to roll on by.

But with ‘Tenkiller’ under their belts, and another film just completed between wedding shoots, the Choate movie train is building steam, and they’re both planning to ride it as far as the tracks are laid.

“We just figured it out and did it,” Jeremy says with a smile.

‘Tenkiller’ is showing at the 2022 deadCENTER Film Festival.

The film also has a distribution deal for streaming.

For information on deadCENTER, go to www.deadcenterfilm.org.

For more information on various Choatehouse productions, go to www.choatehouse.com.