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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA – We caught Steve Glass on a Friday morning trying to get to Lake Texoma before dark.

He was hurriedly packing the cooler with everything he might need for a long weekend of fun.

But, Glass packs an extra punch with his cold stuff.

It’s inside a two liter, blue cube, a special gel that he claims makes whatever ice you have to buy last longer.

“What it is, is an ice extender,” Glass said. “It will freeze at 32 degrees, and the coldest we’ve ever had it was 22 degrees below zero.”

The first time we met Glass was five years ago, when he was still working on an invention called The Trophy Bag Kooler.

He designed it for hunters to keep their meat from spoiling.

Part of what he called his “game fresh system” was the same gel able to plunge to extreme low temperatures and stay they way.

“It’s actually kind of crazy,” he said. “But, it does.”

He still sells the Koolers, but that gel – he won’t say what’s in it.

That’s what held the real potential.

“I went from 14.5 million registered hunters in the U.S. to 200 million consumers who own coolers,” Glass said.

His product ships light.

Customers add water at home even with the Kubes.

Put this stuff in your freezer for a while, and it keeps getting colder, into the sub-zero range.

“This is actually pulling the freezer temperature down,” he said of his gel.

Ice actually freezes to his mixture, thus melting more slowly.

He said it even keeps your freezer colder.

So, he insists, “The product will actually pay for itself over a period of time.”

Glass still uses his coolers all the time.


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